Patrick Pham

Patrick Pham

Patrick Pham's culinary journey began with his studies at the Art Institute of Houston, where he focused on culinary arts. After graduating, he embarked on his professional career by joining Uchi, a renowned restaurant in Houston, Texas. He became part of the opening team, showcasing his dedication and passion for the culinary arts from the start.

Starting as a line cook, Patrick Pham's talent and commitment to his craft led him to transition to the sushi bar. There, he had the opportunity to learn and train under the guidance of his mentor, Yoshinori Katsuyama, whom he affectionately refers to as his "sushi daddy." Under Katsuyama's tutelage, Patrick honed his skills in the art of sushi-making, mastering the delicate techniques and precise execution required to create exceptional sushi dishes.

For a period of four years, Patrick Pham worked diligently alongside Yoshinori Katsuyama, steadily climbing the ranks and acquiring invaluable experience. His dedication, attention to detail, and continuous pursuit of excellence allowed him to develop his expertise in the art of sushi.

When his mentor, Yoshinori Katsuyama, eventually left, Patrick Pham took on the role of Head Sushi Chef at Uchi. This promotion marked a significant milestone in his career, demonstrating his mastery of sushi craftsmanship and his ability to lead a team in delivering extraordinary dining experiences.

Patrick Pham's journey from line cook to Head Sushi Chef is a testament to his talent, hard work, and unwavering commitment to his craft. His time at Uchi, under the guidance of Yoshinori Katsuyama, provided the foundation for his success and shaped him into a skilled and respected sushi chef in the culinary industry.